Batch Fulfillment App

Batch fulfillment can help you process orders rapidly and precisely, you can read all important information of every order in one page, and start batch fulfill orders after taking few steps. This app can help you save a massive amout of time in the procedure of fulfilling orders.

Bulk import your tracking numbers

Have a list of your tracking codes in Excel? Fulfill all your orders in bulk easily importing your tracking codes for orders in CSV. Our app will automatically generate tracking links for your custom carriers for easy orders fulfillment!

Send shipping confirmation to your customers automatically

Our app even has the option to choose, whether you need to notify the customer about fulfillment or not. For each order separately, or in bulk.

  • Direct Shopify integration - no more importing orders

We have designed 3 interfaces for this app:

  • In Order List page, all unfulfilled orders with the status of paid will be displayed here.(Partially fufillled orders won't) You can export the orders you want to complete as csv file, then, you need to input tracking information in this csv file.
  • In Import Tracking page, you need to import the csv file that you have updated all tracking information. And you can alter tracking information directly in this page if you need.
  • In Sync List page, all data of the orders that has been processed will be displayed here.

If you have any concerns while using Batch Fulfillment App, please feel free to contact us.